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FAFSA is the acronym for the Free Application of Federal Student Aid. It is a form recognized by all major universities and colleges in U.S.A. Each student in the United States of America needs to pay for his or her education. Parents are expected to pay the fee for children that are dependent on them. Every university and college has specific facilities that are provided to those students who need financial aid. College education is an expensive affair. Without the right qualifications one does get the job he or she aims to. Thus college education is extremely important and the U.S. government also understands its value.

Students need to fill up the application form and the Education Department assesses the form to decide what the individual student's EFC that is the Expected Family Contribution will be. Once the form is filled up and submitted the Education Department analyses which student qualifies for which type of financial aid. The various types of financial aids include grants, loans, work and study schemes and financial aid sponsored by the college. The financial aid facilities provided by almost all universities and colleges of the nation prove to be exceptionally beneficial for students. By providing this student aid the education department ensures that hard working students, who want to receive a college education, do so with a little assistance from the government, universities and colleges.

FAFSA online questions help understand the financial condition of the student. The financial condition of the parents of a student no longer limits his or her education, thanks to this aid.

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